Devis World Of Sound
Strong, affective, intense songs, touching the intellect and the heart: The band Devi`s World of Sound shows many faceted compositions on the new album „ Blue Print“, enriching the calling for poetic melodies & complex rhythms to take off! The guitarist Felix Utzinger & the singer Devi Reith compose songs of deep connection aiming to hit core being. The great rousing, stirring entourage Adrian Frey on the Piano, Mischa Frey on the Bass & Marcio de Sousa on the Drums, are a musical dream come true!

Devi Reith invites listeners to dive into a journey of inner musical worlds & lyrical tales of love. She sings about stories of worldly wisdoms & picturesque philosophies, gained through her gipsy life of globetrotting. The native Dutch girl hereby goes her very individual musical way: somewhere between Jazz, Soul & World music, the band & her convey the idea “ The World is Sound”!

Devi Reith: Gesang, Harmonium
Felix Utzinger: Gitarre
Adrian Frey: Piano
Mischa Frey: Bass
Marcio de Sousa: Drums
Our official album "Blue Print" available here: