The Lefties

The Lefties.

Contemporary Guitar Jazz


Felix Utzinger       guitar

Herbie Kopf         e-bass

Andi Wettstein     drums 

"The Lefties" offer a fine mixture of harmonically refined original compositions, gripping improvisations and idiosyncratically interpreted standards, always performed with a lot of drive, interplay and playfulness.
In 2010 "The Lefties" were invited to a major Calabrian Jazz and Blues Festival. During this intensive time the repertoire was expanded and an independent band sound was developed.
The illustrious trio finally reunites here after a break and celebrates a feast for the senses: varied, gripping guitar music of the modern variety, with many cross-references to the great tradition from B.B. King over Jimmy Hendrix to Allan Holdsworth, John Scofield and Bill Frisell, to name just a few influences.

The two Zurich string virtuosos Felix Utzinger and Herbie Kopf already played together successfully in several jazz-rock-fusion bands in the 90s.
In the meantime, both like it a bit more lyrical and playful, without, however, wanting to forego the necessary explosiveness and dynamics. Well-dosed energy thrusts and immediate joy of playing are important elements in their inspired interplay, and lead to soloistic flights of fancy!
For five years now they have been working together with the young, extremely versatile drummer Andi Wettstein as the band "The Lefties". In a short time, a spiritually similar and homogeneous trio has grown together, which carries away the listeners with exciting music and irresistible drive.